Telealarm NOTICE

The Telealarm Platform has been a tried and tested solution for Avalon for Many Years. As a hybrid system, with a long history, it allows maximum flexability with minimal equipment needs.


NURSE CALL 2 is and has been flagged Obsolete by Telelalarm for MANY years. The Nursecall2 product line went obsolete shortly after the release of the Nursecall3 product line was introduced in 2001. The current release of Product is the NurseCall4 Product line.

The easiest way to tell if you have Nursecall2 or Nursecall4 is the shape of the green button.



NurseCall Main Unit - TeleAlarm
ROUND Green Button
Obsolete. The Manufacturer had to make this product obsolete due to a shortage in the hardware required to make the product. if your nursecall Main or relays look like this, contact us today to get informaiton on upgrading your system to a supported version. due to the quality of these products, many of the older systems are still working today without issue, however if your system encounters a failure, we are UNABLE to replace any of your backbone equipment. The Nursecall3 and the Nursecall 4 Product lines look very similar even using the same shells in the equipment. If you have a round green reset button then we can still support your current hardware.